Consulting Services You Can Trust

Our Company is a proven full-service esports consulting firm

Our Company´s esports assessments leverage our extensive knowledge of the current industry needs, techniques, strategies and best practices to help our customers make the necessary moves to become a top tier business.


Our whole staff has many years of experience in the esports industry.


We have experts on every field to offer our client the best services on the market.


We design your whole plan of action making sure to meet your overall goals.


We have built a very strong base of relationships to help you find what you need.

Working Process


Every business or organization needs a concrete strategy that defines its vision, goals and how to reach those. Yes, even in Esports! Whether you are a new business, or already have a small business and want to grow, a good business strategy can take your business to the next level.

What will we do and help you with?

  • Study your company profile
  • Explore right business model for you and develop correct strategy
  • Clarify your vision
  • Craft long-term and short-term goals
  • Scope out the competition
  • Brainstorm new ideas for your company
  • Help you understand how important other fields are for your business


Organizational Development is a field of research, theory, and practice dedicated to expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of people´s duties at an organization to accomplish more successful organizational change and performance, and work efficiently.

What will we do and help you with?

  • We examine the current organizational structure of your business.
  • We help you identify problems that may interfere with your effectiveness and assess the underlying causes
  • We study your structure, climate and environmental factors to compare those with the desired outcomes, mission and goals and then adapt everything.
  • We implement different change strategies that lead to action.
  • We provide you with complete organigramas, documents and presentations to help you understand how everything needs to be structures correctly and what everyone should be working on depending on the role.
  • We apply the new structure changes and measure outcomes.


Marketing is the most important field when it comes to exchanging relationships, which is what you need in order to get your name out there. It´s used to create, keep and satisfy the customers or fans, who are your main focus.

What will we do and help you with?

  • We study your company profile and operations to understand its marketing needs.
  • We conduct marketing research to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities.
  • We develop and implement a marketing strategy according to your objectives.
  • We provide you with written documents and presentations to guide the creation of new marketing plans and strategies, making sure you perfectly understand them.
  • We recommend specific marketing approaches and spending budgets to achieve your desired goals.
  • We track feedback, and adjust marketing strategies as necessary.
  • We establish marketing tracking methods to help you evaluate performance over time.


The legal service is important for everyone that has a business and makes money off of it. In order to do this legally, you need to go through some important steps such as officially registering your business.

Another very important field of this service, even if you are a regular and amateur organization, are contracts. You need contracts, made by experts that know which contracts you need depending on your situation.

What will we do and help you with?

  • We help you registering your business correctly.
  • We help you trademarking your brand.
  • We provide you with the correct documentation.
  • We help you contracting your employees and players, correctly.
  • We provide assistance in all legal matters and advice in legal documentation, negotiation, etc.


Sponsorships are what keeps the esports industry active. Everyone wants to receive some sort of support from other companies, whether it is financially or through the provision of products or services. To receive a real sponsorship, or a good partnership deal from a company, you need to have a great proposal, don’t sell yourself short and find the right way to approach the company.

What will we do and help you with?

  • Study your company profile and marketing plan.
  • Find out what type of sponsorships the client is interested in.
  • Make a clean list of companies that can be approached for a potential sponsorship/partnership.
  • We help you create your pitch deck.
  • We teach you how to approach companies and how not to.
  • We make sure you understand the difference between every type of agreement that can be made with a company.
  • We help you contact the companies you are interested in.
  • We examine your decisions and make sure those will add value to your business or not.


A contract is a written agreement, usually between two parties, which is intended to act as a legally enforceable set of promises that should not be violated in any case and attach the two parties to each other in some way. It is important for an esports business to sign employees and players, to make sure none of those can have a negative impact on your business strategies, or lose them because they got a better offer.

Note: This service also comes with the Legal Service, but in case you are already established or simply not looking for the legal brand part, we can help you with just this too.

What will we do and help you with?

  • We elaborate professional contracts for whoever you may need it, crafted from 0.
  • We can make a sample contract that you only pay once and you can use for different agreements.
  • We help you understand the final contract or sample contract, and help you fill in the white gaps of a sample contract if you don´t know how it works.
  • This comes with unlimited free help with any little problems you may have regarding the terms of a contract, and those will be edited by us if needed, to make little changes or adjustments.


With esports becoming a huge industry, more and more entrepreneurs are making their way into it. Having the funds to launch a project is needed, but you can´t be spending everything incorrectly. Invest your money correctly, and come out on top.

What will we do and help you with?

  • We evaluate your current situation and set financial goals.
  • We help you manage your finances.
  • We provide advice on a range of issues such as investments, savings, commissions.
  • We create a financial plan.
  • We inform you about risks and rewards.
  • We will help you get through the financial phases.
  • We evaluate your future financial state with the changes and plans that have been made.


Are you trying to launch a company in the esports industry but don´t really know how to compete with the big names? We are here to help you with your vision, mission and objectives, to boost up your sales efficiently, to start competing with the big names.

What will we do and help you with?

  • Analyze current situation.
  • Examine financial plans.
  • Set a clear vision and mission.
  • Help meet objectives.
  • Create sales plans.
  • Presentation on how to market yourself in this industry.
  • Develop brand new strategies.
  • Help understand how to make products appeal to customers based on environment and current needs.
  • Find new target markets and penetrate them to drive sales.
  • We discover how to market your product to new users.