We are Esports

Launched in early 2018, MVP Consulting Firm is an independent and private esports consultancy that exists with the sole aim of helping businesses, individuals and communities get involved with all levels of the esports industry.

We are the esports agency that will help you through every step of the way to help you navigate through the esports industry and make your ventures a success.

As one of the most knowledgeable esports agencies, we focus on everything from esports consulting to esports branding, to esports marketing and even esports sponsorships.

Having helped hundreds of organizations, teams, and communities in the esports consulting space, we have gone from giving general advice, to preventing organizations and players from having trouble with their contracts to creating esports champions through some of the best sponsorships.

With an owner that has turned multiple projects into 5-6 figure businesses, we know how to put ourselves in a client´s shoes to understand what they´re struggling with, so we can find the right way to help out.

We have been in different industries such as real estate, traditional sports, e-commerce, and esports. This allows us to have a different and more complete vision of what we are doing, and how we need to take care of business for it to work out correctly, and that´s what makes us one of the best consulting firms in the esports world.


"Everyone has the key to success,
We show you how to use it."